1960-1980Chapter 9Experiences

Shri Mataji encouraged us to work on others

She encouraged us to eat heartily | Sahajayoga Reviews

On that first encounter Mother’s talk was about chastity. She explained how chastity was the most important quality in a woman.

Also Shri Mataji worked upon a young Scandinavian girl who had been seeing a false guru.    After Mother had worked upon her, the girl moved back to her seat, however a little while later Shri Mataji looked towards her asking what was wrong. The girl had seen Mother’s golden aura and Shri Mataji worked upon her again, telling her not to put her attention on the false guru any more. The girl began to glow herself, with that inner light, whilst Shri Mataji worked upon her.

A lovable Moroccan boy arrived carrying a daisy for Shri Mataji. He went to Her Feet. Mother greeted him heartily but then was quite firm with him, telling him he shouldn’t just sit there at the front week after week, just bathing in Her vibrations, but that he had to get up and give vibrations to others. And She sent him back to do so.

Shri Mataji encouraged us to work on others almost from the word go, even when we didn’t really have a clue what we were doing. Another thing Mother chastised the Morrocan boy about was his long hair. She told us that men should dress as men and women as women.

In those days (and I can remember vividly seeing this on that first encounter) yogis would frequently raise their Kundalini in front of Shri Mataji at the programmes. She encouraged them to do so, although as Sahaja Yoga grew it became necessary to stop this in Her presence. The Kundalini was originally raised by placing the hands flat, palms inward, fingertips towards each other at the Mooladhara level and then  moving the hands up the Kundalini rather than rolling the right hand over the left; this came later.

Marilyn Leate