1990 - 1992Chapter 8Experiences

Shri Mataji did a bandhan around the shop

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On Shri Mataji’s first visit to Taiwan, we went to a wholesale jewellery shop and we walked up the stairs to where they were selling pearls and coral. They also had a lot of jade, and Shri Mataji did a complete bandhan around the shop two or three times. After that, you could see there was something working out vibrationally with the owner. All of a sudden he became very joyful and helpful. When we had first gone in you could see there was something not quite right, but then after the bandhans his face brightened up. Shri Mataji started to look at things, and buy things, and by the time we started to negotiate for the price, the owner had become very helpful and gave a very good price. This was always the case, Shri Mataji always got the most amazing bargains.

Alex Henshaw