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Shri Mataji asked them to move Her bed

Shri Mataji asked them to move Her bed | Sahajayoga Reviews

On that same weekend of Guru Puja in 1983, some people were supposed to come and visit the house, so many yogis were moving everything, including the furniture. Shri Mataji asked some Italian yogis, strong young men, to move Her solid wood bed. They were trying to push it, but could not manage.

I was in the room, packing Shri Mataji’s suitcase. She approached the bed and just pushed it with Her knee and it moved. The Italian yogis said, ‘Ah,’ in big shock and surprise. Shri Mataji laughed.

‘Well, after all, I am Adi Shakti, so it’s normal that I can push this bed,’ She said. Everybody was in awe in front of Her.

Ruth Eleanore