1960-1980Chapter 7Experiences

Shri Ganesha’s anger

During the baking hot and dry summer of 1976 in the UK Shri Mataji told us that the unusually hot weather was being caused by Shri Ganesha’s anger at the space probe the Americans had landed on Mars. She explained that the spacecraft carried the gross vibrations of the people who had created it and these vibrations were polluting his planet, Mars.

Shri Mataji told us that She was trying to persuade Shri Ganesha to forgive those who had done this and to stop creating all the heat, but we were rather ‘hard line’ at this time and said that we were in full agreement with Shri Ganesha and thought he should continue to punish everyone! Shri Mataji just smiled at us and we went off on a camping trip, confident that Shri Ganesha would keep the weather nice and sunny, but the first night there was a torrential rainstorm, we had a river flowing through our tents and spent the night sitting in the car!

Pat Anslow