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She was the Devi

She was the Devi | Sahajayoga Reviews

Our first meeting with Shri Mataji was on the first India tour we went on, in 1980 – 81. A lot of us had resigned our jobs, or given up our rentals, and things like that, because it was going to be a long trip, and it was amazing to think that we were going to be in Shri Mataji’s presence. Our first meeting was to be at a celebration arranged by the Mumbai Sahaja Yogis because Sir CP had just been re-elected to the UN, for I think the fourth time.

We all waited and finally they arrived. Shri Mataji, as Mrs Srivastava, had a sari over Her head and we sat through many speeches praising Sir CP’s contribution to the United Nations. Then Shri Mataji got up and was asked to speak. She spoke very humbly. The irony of it all was that we were here to meet the Goddess, and She was there to honour Her husband, and we were watching Shri Mahamaya at work. Later Sir CP left.

Shri Mataji pulled out Her bun, and Her hair fell all around Her. She was the Devi, and we were Her children. We went to Her Feet.

‘You think this is the first time you have met Me, but I have met you all before, and you have all been with Me for many lifetimes,’ She said.

Sarah Frankcombe

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