1960-1980Chapter 8Experiences

She loved juxtaposition of the different cultures

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At the Birthday Puja in Mumbai, on that first trip, this was again our first time of seeing Shri Mataji in that kind of situation for Her birthday. It made us realise what a pitiful thing we had attempted to do in England before, compared to what they did. Shri Mataji wanted us to talk. One of us talked and then Shri Mataji called me across to Her.

‘Can you really do this?’ She said. By then I was so fired up, I was just dying to talk. I wanted to say how Mother had poured love on us and how wonderful it was. But Shri Mataji wanted to have the Westerners tell the Indians about Sahaja Yoga. She loved using the juxtaposition of the different cultures. Here people tend to think Sahaja Yoga is Indian, but She loved to use the different approaches, because each person would have a way of putting it across that would perhaps catch the attention of the other culture.

Shri Mataji always looked after us and made sure we got proper accommodation, and the Indian people were so wonderful. They put up with us. We were very disrespectful in our ways. We didn’t know, and were given a lot of help. Shri Mataji gave us ladies saris of Hers and cardigans, and She gave me a coat. It was all part of protecting us and protecting us from this awful state we were in.

Maureen Rossi