1981-1983Chapter 25Experiences

See how beautiful nature is

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One day, after a shopping trip in London, Shri Mataji left it to me to give the directions to the driver to get back to Her house at Brompton Square, while expressing Her concern that it had become very late. It was during the rush hour and I’d suggested a route through Hyde Park, which once we’d embarked on, it wasn’t really possible to turn back.

‘This way gets very busy. It may not be quicker,’ Shri Mataji said when we were well on the way.

I was upset because I felt I had made a wrong choice and was responsible for causing Her some inconvenience. The traffic was almost at a standstill. She must have known I was feeling guilty, as She started admiring the trees. It was late autumn and She looked at the bare branches and the finer twigs.

‘See, what lace – see how beautiful nature is to entertain us and to give us such joy,’ She said.  Whereupon it changed from a tortuous journey through the traffic to this amazing experience and admiration of nature and, of course, my heart lifted up again.

    Vicki Halperin