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Saturday, 14th January 1984, India tour diary entry

Saturday, 14th January 1984, India tour diary entry | Sahajayoga Reviews

Arrived at Gokul Hall in Bombay, and met the Australians who had just arrived too. Got up late, had breakfast and the man with the kurtas came; I bought three bottoms and two tops.

At about 5.00 pm we left for a hall for a puja with the Indians and Shri Mataji. It was to the Adi Shakti and the talk was about becoming soldiers and enjoying the maya. During the puja there was a lot of noise and the PA system was not working properly, and people were constantly taking photographs and were in the way. Shri Mataji told the Indians to collect photos from the Australian and French leaders, so there were lots of people walking about, and then many of them went to touch Shri Mataji’s Feet.

With all this going on, I decided this was the time for deeper meditation, so the attention was put on Shri Mataji’s Sahasrara, which was very nice, then on my own, and this was very effective. The Western Sahaja Yogis went to touch Shri Mataji’s Feet, and to me She said, ‘Very good, excellent’. Sat down and had another good meditation.

We were told to go to the beach, about two hundred yards away, so we did, and had a 2.00 am footsoak, and said some mantras to the ocean. Then we had a fire and music on the beach, and used sticks for drums. We boarded the buses and got to bed about 3.00 am.

Derek Ferguson