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Sahaja Yoga Meditation Testimonial – reducing stress

Work stress has become a modern-day epidemic. The trials have shown an ancient practice could be the best way to beat it. Meditation is proving effective and it costs virtually nothing.

Sheryl Taylor: Henry Viana was so stressed running his previous business with clients not paying, working long hours, he nearly threw the towel in.

Henry Viana: Most men are the typical male, I have no problems, I’m fine, and then next thing you know, they’ve done something silly like jumping off a bridge.

Sheryl Taylor: Henry wasn’t alone. Twenty-five percent of the population is depressed. Half of us are very unhappy and stress now costs Australia fifteen billion dollars a year.

Dr Manocha: Experts are calling this an epidemic of stress.

Sheryl Taylor: But dr Manocha Sydney University team in one of the most rigorous trials ever conducted has proven traditional meditation can eliminate rapid thoughts that keep you wide and stressed.

Dr Manocha: What it showed quite clearly was that a meditation technique that focuses on the experience of mental silence, in this case a technique called Sahaja Yoga, significantly reduced stress and depressive feelings.

Sheryl Taylor: Meditation costs virtually nothing to learn and Henry’s also taught friends to meditate the required 10 minutes twice a day.

Henry: Huge benefits, this changed our lives in actual fact, that saved their lives, two of them.

Sheryl Taylor: Doctor’s caution – this is not an overnight solution and those who are really depressed should be seeking medical advice. The point is, if you take up meditation early it can prevent stress leading to mental health issues.

Henry: I was always angry and I’m a different person now.

Sheryl Taylor, TEN News

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