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Sahaja Yoga Experience Sharing Ujjain Coleectivity- Adishakti Puja 2018

Speaker: Jai Shri Mataji for the first time I am going to reveal that Miracle that happened with me, everybody insisted that its important for everybody to know.

It’s almost 20 years old incident at that time I was very new in Sahaj yoga it was the matter of Ujjain where we joined Sahaja Yoga in Shivpuri MP in Indore there was a Mr Kulkarni who was Bank of Baroda’s manager at that time. I used to ask him about Sahaja yoga.

For the first time everybody was going to attend mothers Pooja from Ujjain and I asked Kulkarni ji that can I see a mother from close angles he said that “in our times Sahaj yogi were less but now it is impossible to see her”. Then I said “I am not going” everybody requested me but I refused, my only desire was to see mother and if it is not going to fulfil then there is no point of going there so I didn’t go there. My husband also went there he was just retired from the position of principal from college. So when all of them came back they told me that you have did A terrible loss by not going there. And there came a news that a conference of doctors was going to happen there, as I am Ayurvedic graduate, so my husband came and said mother is calling you, doctors conference was in 7th April so I thought that really mother had called me and I was stubborn in the fact that if mother has call me then she will give me her visit because I am not going with my own desire. And so we reached there it was the big hall, seminar was going on mother was giving lecture, and only one thing was there in my mind, I was not listening to the lecture or anything, only that “mother you have called me and it is your responsibility to show me your appearance”.

And all of a sudden it happen that a lady was walking in front of us and he said “you follow her”, so I walked behind her, and she exited after climbing down the stairs but I stayed there after that Shri Mataji speech got ended at that point and everybody created a chain by holding each others hands. And everybody was told to go back. And in my mind I was telling that “mother if you say then I will definitely go one step backward but please mother do not say so”. So that was the one thing which was going in my mind. Nobody forced me to go back and I saw mother slowly climbing down the stairs and I was looking at her and she was coming towards the point where I was standing and gradually my heartbeat begun to rise “oh my God, mother is coming in front of me” and that moment came when mother was just in front of me and you can understand what was my feeling after seeing mother in front of me, I have no words to describe that feeling, I feel that mother’s face was just in front of me and I said “Mata Ji please give me your blessings” there were no other words that I could utter at that time. She said that I have given blessings to all of you, open your hand look at it.

All the people who were standing in the chain raised their hand and started to feel– earlier we used to think that while doing meditation we should close our eyes but we forgot that when mother is standing in front of you then for whom should we close our eyes? I too close my eyes and opened my hands like this and at that time a bright flash sparkled in my face as if someone has taken a photo and when I opened my eyes I saw mother was not there and she went ahead. And I feel that I should have taken a photo as I was standing so close to mother. But there was no photographer.

Thereafter that I came to Ujjain it was on Sunday and in Monday the centre used to open and the coordinates of the centre called me he said “aunty please come to centre tomorrow” I said we are very much tired “we can’t come tomorrow”. But he said that “everybody wants to meet you-you please try to come tomorrow”, I asked him “why they want to meet me”, but he said “just you come”. So we went on Monday there and the moment we reached there he said “you have done a great job you took a photograph with mother?” these happened 24 hours later,

I said “what you are talking about” He said”you have taken photograph with mother”. I said “no”. They said “we have the proof”. I said “why you are joking with me?”. He said “OK then I must show you the proof”, and he handed over the photographs where I was standing like this and mother was in front of me, now you say from where this photographer came? and I was in a very awkward position. I said to him that “please tell me I wished in my heart about this and I never share this with anybody’ then how did you receive this photograph and I asked him many times, I was very curious and much later he said that when we were going from Ujjain we had three people Ram Lal Ji he is doctor from Ujjain, me and my husband and there was a Gyani Ji who was an engineer, who is residing in Raipur nowadays and he requested a photographer there that you go in front of Mataji and take a picture and give it to me.

So when that photographer went to click the photographs of Mataji meanwhile at the same time I had the wish of having a photograph with Mataji and incidentally he click the photograph where I was standing in front of Mataji and he returned the camera to him and when he washed those reels and he found my photograph in it.

Now what you will say this? How I wished and how it was fulfilled, and no other camera took my photographs, except this one. And similarly there are other incidents that happened with me.

Jai Shri Mataji.

Dr Rajesh: Please have a round of applause, please have a bigger wish don’t have small wishes, because she gives you way more than you wished for.

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