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Sahaja Yoga Experience Sharing By Sita Jaiswal Lucknow Collectivity – Adishakti Puja 2018

Mrs Sita Jaiswal: Jai Shri Mataji I am Sita Jaiswal from Lucknow centre. As Rajesh Ji have told now, that there is no bank like this which gives so much in return, so it is completely true.

So 2.5 years ago I felt the urge to build my own house but I have only one lakh rupees, I was very much stressed out while living in a rented house for long time I prayed to say Mataji that “Shri Mataji now it is up to you for building our house, I don’t know how I can build a 1000 square foot house in one lakh rupees”.

Then I was in the centre where the announcement was done that there was some project going on in Nagole and people may donate in the centre for that cause. And I feel that I should give Ten thousand rupees from that 1 lakh rupee which I kept for building the house.

So I deposited Ten thousand rupees from that one lakh rupees in the centre without informing my husband. Later when my husband ask me that “did you donated some money in the centre”. I said “yes I have submitted” and he asked “how much you have submitted?” And with little fear I told him Ten thousand rupees, then he said that “from one lakh rupees now you have donated Ten thousand now how we can build the house? I told him “the house is going to build by Shri Mataji, previously the house was going to be built through those 1 lakh rupees now it will be built with Nine thousand” and you wouldn’t believe that it took 8 lakh rupees to build that house and I do not know from where to come. Jai Shri Mataji.

Dr Rajesh: It was only Ten thousand, if she had donated more it would have been tripled. Wonderful, because these are the things which reaffirm our faith, Upadhyay ji also wanted to say something so please listen to him it is all for the benefit of others.


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