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Sahaja Yoga Experience Sharing By Babu Ram Hardoi Collectivity – Adishakti Puja 2018

Speaker: My name is Babu Ram I am from Hardoi district, U.P. I am from village kandariya. Once an incident happened with me I had a friend whose name was Munnalal he used to run Bagauli centre. So Munnalal called me and said Baburam reach the Bagauli as soon as possible, the Pandit in whose house we arrange the centre was provoked, maybe someone told him “that your house will be captured by Sahaj yogis who run the centre”.

So because of this Panditji become very nervous and Panditji said this to Munna and Munna called me.

I reached my home at 12 noon by elder daughter-in-law said that “father, Munna has called you, and told you to reach Bagauli as soon as possible”. And I didn’t haven’t had the lunch. Hardly we have gone one kilometre, our motorbike got into reserve. So we thought that we would refill our vehicle in Madhapur. And when we reached Madhapur, so I went to sit with Baburam’s motorbike and along with Radheshyam and Manoj kept sitting on the previous motorbike.

So Manoj said that you go ahead and I’m following you, and refill your motor bike there.

I said okay let us move. My motorbike runs 30 km after reservation so finally, we reached Bagauli. And after reaching there we came to know that there petrol was not available at the petrol pump. So we knock  the door of Pandit ji and asked him that “how would you feel if God comes to your house” he said “it will be great” then I said how would you feel “if God leaves your house?” he said “very terrible” I said “exactly this is the situation you are in right now. If we look like that we will snatch your house?” now Pandit Ji was in great thought so he started said that “your centre will not go anywhere it will remain here”.

So the problem was resolved and Sahaj yogis came to the centre. It was Bhadra month, it was raining and when we were at the centre the sun was set. That boy Manoj asked me if he can buy some vegetables from the local market there and I give him the permission. And when I was about to go from there I didn’t find anyone I thought that he was standing in the Crossroads ahead. I found no one there, and the motorbike which I came that of Radheshyam’s we went with that and it went for 3 kilometres and then it halted. After that I kick the bike 2-3 times it made  a little bit sound but again it stopped, so what came to my mind I went and took a stick from the ground and measured the petrol in the tank. So I found the stick got wet only a little. Then I felt we are in great problem. And in this area we do not have any known Sahaj Yogi nor does I have any relative here and the month was of Bhadra and the sun was setting and it was raining too, so we can’t go by walking. And I forgot to take the mobile with me at least if we have the mobile I can call someone in my house to come in. So I told Radheshyam to be with the bike and I went to a little distance and pray to Shri Mataji that “we are caught in this terrible situation, we do not have any relative here nor does we know any Sahaj yogi here, petrol is finished sun is set and our house is 30km. So how can we reach our home”

so I prayed to her, as she had told that whenever you are in trouble meditate on me pray to me your problem will be solved. So I said “please help me reach home anyhow I am entirely depending upon you please try to solve this” and I had very strong realisation in my hands and I understood that somehow our troubles will be over. So I came to Radheshyam and took the motorbike from him and sat on it and told him to sit behind me, and he said that “are you going to start this bike?”, I said “yes”. And I give it a good kick and the bike suddenly started and we finally stopped after reaching our homes and we forget about the petrol problem we had. Jai Shri Mataji.

Dr Rajesh: It is a matter of belief, she is the doer we do not do anything.

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