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Sahaja Yoga changed gear

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That was a complete sea change. Up to that time it had just been a small group of people going around to different houses with Shri Mataji. Then She announced that She would like to have a public programme and we were all mystified. We were quite frightened and didn’t know what would happen.

We put a big advert in Time Out magazine and hired a room in Caxton Hall, in central London close to Shri Mataji’s new home in Victoria. We didn’t know if anyone would come, and to our amazement about two hundred people came. We were rather embarrassed, because Shri Mataji asked us all to sit on chairs on stage with Her. As Shri Mataji gave Her powerful talk I remember gritting my teeth at all of the aches and pains I could feel working out in the chakras and trying my best to look evolved!

She then went down into the audience to work on people, and the next thing we knew we were all moving down into the audience with Shri Mataji and working on people, and in the space of one evening Sahaja Yoga completely changed. At the end of that meeting everyone in the hall felt part of one big family, it was as if the Sahaja Yoga we had known had changed gear and moved to a new level.

Pat Anslow