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Sahaja Yoga – A Unique Discovery & Gift To Mankind Srichand Chaudhary Jaipur


Narrator: Friends Sahaj yoga a unique discovery and gift to mankind, today we have Shri Chand Chaudhary from Jaipur as our guest, who is a businessman, let us know how his spiritual journey started and what things that he achieved.

Interviewer: Viewers you are welcome once again in News Dnn special presentation on spiritual journey Sahaj yoga a unique Discovery and a gift to mankind. A journey which was started in 1970 by Shri Nirmala Devi ji with handful of people with will to connect people with that truth and to finish the illusion inside people’s mind and to give them a simple way that how while living in a simple way you can get Yoga(connected) from God you can get its feeling not just you can get it and you can spread it further and the big benefit of it that when you get the truth you also get all the by-products of Sahaj yoga like your diseases got cured, your problems got over, you are mental stress got over so these are problem with which people live but the biggest problem of all is he doesn’t have satisfaction.

In Sahaj yoga in this journey our main objective the only dream– we have that like people who are in 140 and 150 countries doing Shaj yoga and leading a happy, satisfactory, prosperous, and satisfying life and somehow through News Dnn we hope that people who are watching us our Travellers our co-passengers who get connected to you for a brief moment, from them you might get something because of which your life can become satisfying and prosperous and proceed towards growth. Friends today in this journey we have Shri Chand Chaudhary from Jaipur. Shri Chand ji you are welcome in our news studio. Friends he is a person whose humbleness, simplicity never reveals his professional and social stature, his humbleness never allowed him to become egoistic. With great humbleness, he has maintained his prosperity, how he managed to live a simple life even after being in such a top position. Let us listen from him and know how Shri Chand ji was before coming to Sahaj and what are the things he got after coming to Sahaj, and what has he delivered to the society and the world in the name of spirituality and religion. Sir, first of all, we would like to know from our viewers how and when did you start doing Sahaj yoga?

Mr Shri Chand Choudhary: From the beginning, I had great interest towards spirituality I used to go temple, I used to give donation and used to kept fasts. But I never had satisfaction and somehow there used to be some kind of confusion. For example when we are going to Temple there because of priests confusion used to be created. And while doing worshipping if pundit says something from that confusion arises, they say that “I’ll let your problem go away by doing this ritual” and there was the “I am doing” feeling that’s why it never got successful. And in this spiritual journey I got Sahaj Yoga.

Interviewer: When it happened?

Mr Shri Chand Choudhary: I joined in March 1997 and there were many people from my organisation who were doing Sahaja yoga. They said that we will be doing program in your office and there we will interact with your employees also, I too join them. And they said we’ll also be talking with you, and while they were talking to me, I had divine feeling. And instantly I was at peace. And all the darkness go away from my vision and I could see thing in clear light. And all the concepts become clear. That god is not inside Temple, Masjid or Gurdwara it is inside yourself. As I started doing Sahaj yoga I felt very good spiritually and I felt very good and as I kept on practicing Sahaj yoga I could feel all round development in my life. First of all, I came to Sahaj yoga because my Mrs was suffering from asthma. And Dr Virendra Singhvi who he is a famous doctor of asthma, he had told me that the problem of asthma will never go in this life. You could only control it through medication. And after coming to Sahaj yoga she was cured of asthma with in 3-4 days. And she stopped taking the medication. And Virendra ji called me

“why you are not coming”, I told him that she was fine and he made fun of me, he said “being a educated person you believe in all those things?” I said “we have experienced it, that is the proof”. And then he did the check up and find everything ok. And it is 20 years now till now she doesn’t need any tablet. And because of that I get more faith. No this is not a very big miracle because this is a byproduct of Sahaj.

Interviewer: But at that time this must have been a very big thing for you.

Mr Shri Chand Choudhary: Human being always wants that their health can become perfect their business can become profitable.

Interviewer: And when our better half is suffering from a problem then somewhere we feel that tension Inside us.

Mr Shri Chand Choudhary: And after that all the concept of Sahaj yoga become clear, and with God’s grace everything went well, and along with that a confusion got cleared, that is my ego was gone, before beginning this interview you had told me that “you are so humble despite being in such position”, so this is God’s grace. Today thousands of people work under me, after coming Sahaj yoga I never felt any difference between them. And whoever works for me be it, my driver or my servant, I can’t call him “Driver”, it all because of ego, otherwise with a little achievement man becomes egoistic.

Third, after coming to Sahaj Yoga my working capacity increased. Those who know me know that I sleep only 4-5 hours daily, also I do not feel laziness. And never had any clash with family member and this is all because of sahaj yoga. There is a great difference between before and after coming to Sahaj Yoga, I used to remain in stress 24 hours, also had anger and aggression, some had said something and I used to think over it like “he have said it?” and used to find an opportunity to return the favour. And all these things changed, internal development occurred and I got the objective of life. The thing which I was searching from the childhood, and only after coming to Sahaj Yoga my quest for knowing God started and it is increasing with every passing day.

Interviewer: Viewers we would like to share with you one thing that about Shri Chand Ji that he is in a hotel industry and he is the owner, or so-called owner because after a person adopts a spiritual life, for him only one owner remains true, that is God it is his speciality. And when we talk about searching for god and when we visit Mandir, Masjid and Gurudwara that one thing that we sought is “God give me money” or blessed me with a child and on a material or worldly level we always keep asking something from God. And we go to God for these things only. But if we talk of Shri Chand ji, sir as we have personal experience that God had not kept any lack of money in your life, there was no status problem. And after having all these things your search for spirituality is astonishing!

Mr Shri Chand Choudhary: Yes it does, because previously I felt everything is insufficient, I felt lack of things, all the money I had I felt it is inadequate, like that I had always wanted to have more things, to increase the status. And I personally believe these were all illusion. And if you see in our scriptures, our vedas one thing is mentioned that Human is born for only one thing that is getting god, and sages and saints have told one thing that human is the only creature in this universe who can get God because God has made human beings according to his wish and it is very agreeing with scripture. And practically if we see this it seems very true. If you see that every animal has a limit but a human has no limit, both human and the animal does work, only one difference between animal and man is that Human can distinguish between good and bad and he can get connected to God. And this one difference between Human and animal. And like you were talking about money and power, if you can see all powerful people leave everything here, no matter who he is, Prime minister, president they had to leave everything here. Becoming PM, President or gain power this is not the aim of life, these are the responsibilities of life, to look after household but the real aim is to achieve God. So somewhere there was this quest of finding God which I got through Sahaj Yoga.

Sahaj Yoga has essence of all the religion according to the experience I am telling you and here first of all seeker’s kundalini is awakened which is the reflection of God’s energy in a human being. Through which human beings creation happens. So kundalini awakening illuminates the seeker’s soul. After that oneness with God happens, and as I believe that only after kundalini awakening oneness with God is possible not before that. And these were the things that happened after coming to Sahaj Yoga and we thus progressed in this spiritual path.

Interviewer: So Shri Chand ji if we think that according to the conversation that we are having with you, when Kundalini is awakened in Sahaj after that a person who had vanity, ego and that fight for domination and recognition all of these things changes and he did able to see the shortcomings in things for which he always have contestant so we can say that with Kundalini awakening enables human such that he could able to see his own shortcomings.

Mr Shri Chand Choudhary: Yes certainly I feel that a person’s internal state reflects in his outer state, if his/her internal state is happy then his/her outer state will also be happy, if your internal state is good then your worldly affairs will also be good. And how your internal state becomes good? It happens with the help of Kundalini awakening for example whatever problems that we face be it physical, mental or family related or economic or political they are all related to it and things that we call chakra are actually energy points of God and if we work against the wishes of God then energy of that particular Chakra is lost and because of that energy loss it causes problem. For example nabhi Chakra and if you particularly jealous of other people’s money and due to this your nabhi Chakra becomes weak and when you understand this your problems are solved. And the nature of Kundalini energy is that it first cleanses your Chakras so you automatically get rid of worldly problems so therefore we say that all these are by-products of Sahaj yoga.

Interviewer: Sri Chand Ji one thing is, we meet different peoples from different professions who does Sahaj yoga and we discuss with them in front of our viewers so one thing that we also wanted to know from you how much time does a person needs to understand Sahaj yoga and to completely grasp it? Because a very common thing is that every person wanted to become happy and every person is running after peace and one problem in today’s time is that everyone needs fast result, if you see trend is going on about fast food and in today’s date whether they are old or young they all need fast they want to get the result tomorrow by doing things today. And it is such a race that our society and whole country is running. And if we talk about Sahaj, word ‘Sahaj’ in itself is a very beautiful word and it reveals a lot, whatever we get simply is Sahaj we would like to know in behalf of our viewers that on average how much time a seeker needs after he started doing Sahaj yoga?

Mr Shri Chand Choudhary: According to me, he doesn’t need to wait long he get it instantly. If a person’s thoughts become purified and you get the inclination towards spirituality and religion then there is no time lag. And if you working with some desire/motive then you need considerable time for example like if “I get this much money then I will do Sahaj yoga” or “if that happens then I will do the yoga”.

Interviewer: Means material desires…

Mr Shri Chand Choudhary: When these conditions are there then you could not come into spirituality easily.

Interviewer: One thing that Sri Chand Ji has clearly mentioned is that if you have conditions of doing Sahaj yoga then you will be needing much more time but if you do Sahaj yoga for your spiritual upliftment then it instantly give you results and it is such that you dreamed of. If we had desires that like our financial level becomes ok or medically we become fit so as Shri Chand Ji had said all these things are by-products of Sahaj yoga.

Mr Shri Chand Choudhary: And personally I had this experience, I am a person from village, my father used to do farming and we have no relation with business and I started little bit of works and after I got Sahaj yoga I had great progress.

Interviewer: It’s been 20 years that you are doing Sahaj yoga.

Mr Shri Chand Choudhary: Yes, my family status become good and also in business I had great growth but these are not the sole purpose of doing Sahaj yoga–

Interviewer: But certainly these things are important.

Mr Shri Chand Choudhary: Yes they are important because when you leave any work and you must believe that nothing happens without God’s approval and when you leave everything upon God, when God’s energy take care of your work then obviously everything is going to be fine. You can take anybody’s example no man have become what he desired to be. According to me, you might not have thought that I will be in the media.

Interviewer: Very true.

Mr Shri Chand Choudhary: Professionally you can never plan and I too had no idea that I’ll be doing business. So the person did becomes what he desires but it happens with God’s will. But I also didn’t endorse that you shut all the work and sit all day–

Interviewer: Extremes are always not acceptable.

Mr Shri Chand Choudhary: I work daily 18 hours, but I never work with a feeling of competition or of ownership.

Interviewer: You work for your happiness?

Mr Shri Chand Choudhary: Happiness is a moral responsibility, Shri Mataji have once said that “if you are sitting idle then nobody will listen to you” otherwise people will say tomorrow “he is just good for nothing spiritual guy”, so therefore while doing all the work we must practise spirituality so that other person must listen to you, that “He is doing spirituality while doing all the work” now if we do worshipping all the day and so no work then.

Interviewer: It is already said in our shastras that extreme is forbidden, and viewers if we talk about Sahaj yogis, those who are connected to Sahaj they are living a very normal life, they are in some profession or government jobs or they are businessman or they are house wifes, their lives are very balanced, such style that very easily take household and society progress together and maybe this is the speciality of Sahaj yoga or maybe it is the blessing of its founder Shri Mataji upon people that while living very normal life this extraordinary personality is hidden from others, what is extraordinary? Extraordinary is after having so much then also living a very normal life and carry out the responsibility for family and society.

Mr Shri Chand Choudhary: Like now as deformation is happening in the society but Shri Mataji has told us about this very early. Now we talk about the side effects of antibiotics and she has warned us about antibiotics 40 years ago. Shri Mataji has talked about substance abuse, fast food, now which is plaguing us. Now if we look at our lives then in our times there was a great lack of resources and we tried to collect resources so that it will enable us to move ahead. But today’s generation is very fortunate that they have all the resources available but the biggest tension these days is how to stop wrong uses of these resources because Shri Mataji has told this 40 years ago, for example, we have today computer, TV, mobile these are very useful things and to stop there wrong uses is the biggest challenge. Like if I asked a kid to give his phone number so he will save his number in my phone memory but he will not remember himself. And because of this old and young, all people are getting disconnected from the root. They are sitting in front of a computer till midnight and they misuse mobiles and this also affects their health.

Interviewer: Somehow the boon from the science has turned into bene.

Mr Shri Chand Choudhary: So I want people to make their good uses and stop misusing them.

Interviewer: And it is surprising that Shri Mataji whom we know for giving spiritual discourses had told us this little aspects of life and warned you that we have to safeguard ourselves in future and–

Mr Shri Chand Choudhary: it is in those times when we didn’t have mobile and at that time antibiotic was not that popular nor fast food was available and she warns about all of this beforehand.

Interviewer: These are very astonishing fact we are talking with you Shri Chand Ji, viewers how beautifully not only Sahaj yoga has spread the message of spirituality but has also given such a message that what is the importance of everything in life eating, drinking, living and late night and to use the technology properly. Sri Chand ji we are having a great time conversing with you and I believe our viewers are also enjoying this.

Mr Shri Chand Choudhary: Along with that I believe that in Sahaj yoga a person had to all-round development. By all-round development, I mean that a person May carry out his household responsibility and keep a balance in everything and they had this discretion that how can we use this thing for good. How we can strike a balance between family, household, society and with the feeling of brotherhood we can progress together and we may live such a life so that people can follow us.

Interviewer: Emerge as an ideal.

Mr Shri Chand Choudhary: The way of leading life is the main thing everybody earns money so that is not the important thing. The important thing is that whenever wherever you are putting your ideas forward–

Interviewer: The important things that are Shri Chand Ji somewhere it that, we may achieve power, prosperity, splendor but while walking in the path of truth.

Mr Shri Chand Choudhary: The principle of Sahaj yoga is that [sloka 00:25:06]. And Shri Mataji have also done this and from the beginning of Sahaja yoga, she never said anything for her or for benefit of Sahaj yoga but for the Welfare of the world. And she had given this message that you didn’t have to do anything for yourself what you haven’t got in your life you will achieved through Self-realization. And now it is that you have to work for the benefit of other people.

Interviewer: After all these meetings one thing which emerged has a common factor between all of you is that whom you follow from your heart that is Shri Nirmala Mataji all of your objectives is to make the whole world drink that nectar that which you have already drunk.

Mr Shri Chand Choudhary: And it is also true that in the entire history after creation the way of Salvation is only shown by Shri Mataji for example I am telling you that [Inaudible 00:26:00] similarly was Brahmadev Saraswati so he had worked for creation of things, then came Vishnu and Lakshmi they worked as preserver, then Adi Guru Dattatreya established the religion, then Sri Rama established the ideals and Maa Durga established Compassion, Sri Ganesh has given you discretion and sweetness so respectively other Gods did their work.

But no one opened the door of Salvation. You may go to history or scriptures it is only Shri Mataji who have open the way of Salvation, if it happens today or 100 years later or Thousand Year later it will happen through this path only because it is written in scriptures without meditation you cannot achieve God and without Kundalini Jagran, without self-realization you cannot connect with God. Shri Mataji did her work and went away like Shri Krishna Ji had exited after completing his work, Shri Rama exited after establishing his ideal and similarly, Shri Mataji has open the way of Salvation.

And secondly, I also think that whatever problems are there in the world be it corruption, terrorism,  casteism or other incurable diseases this can be solved through Sahaj yoga.

Sahaj yoga is a path of love it is the first time in the entire history of creation that power of love is used when the person walks in the path of love he will never blow the bombs no does he fire any bullets and nor does he do any corruption.

Interviewer: The reason for all the evils will be erased.

Mr Shri Chand Choudhary: When the person comes in the path of love then he will have no reason to do all this. So Shri Mataji has tried to bring all the people in the path of love and tried to use the power of love. So I think the peace and prosperity that I have got the whole world may get that. And that is our aim, that is our objective, that is our religion and the almighty God is making us do this thing and we too are getting blessed and we and all the people in the world may get salvation, this is the thought that I have. Everything is in hands of God.

Interviewer: Viewers this was our discussion with Shri Chand Choudhary Ji whom we didn’t have to ask that question “why we must do Sahaj yoga?” he has told very simply and easily all the things how the balance will come into the life?

What are the benefits of a balanced life? and what are the things that Shri Mataji has told him? and the biggest question, that we were thinking of asking him that too also he had given the answer very easily, the salvation that he have got the benefit which came in his life now he wants that the whole world may walk in that path of Salvation to walk in that part of truth and achieve that benefit, happiness and splendor, so your and our journey was this much today, we will be meeting and travellers will change and every journey will give us something for this  journey of life. Shri Chand Ji we are very much grateful to you that you have come to our studio and the work that you are doing we pray that God may give you that power, that Splendor that you could be able to spread this to common man.

Mr Shri Chand Choudhary: The aim with which we are working and with this today’s interview if someone is getting benefited or if we may able to change someone’s life or someone may connect with God then we’ll think our self very fortunate that by coming here my work is somewhat fulfilled and therefore I’m grateful to you. And we pray to all that the way to god is a very beautiful way and being in the household we can achieve God so whatever we do, put your Chitta in the household if you meditate upon God the quiet usual that your worldly situation will get better. One thing that I like to say that we did not come here to extend my identity rather I have come to extend the Identity of God and gradually we want to dissolve our small identity Into the Identity of God.

So that we have all-round development and also that of the whole world and with this hope I would like to thank you.

Interviewer: So friends this was our meeting with Shri Chand Choudhary a resident of Jaipur the series of meetings will continue and we will be sharing that love, that experience, that truth which is now spread in 140 countries you doesn’t require money, you don’t have to change from outside the change that will happen from inside whatever you will achieve that will be from inside and that achievement will be such that you will have no hesitation in sharing that. Give us permission to leave for today, namaskar.

Narrator: Friends this journey will continue and we will be meeting new people and passengers will change and every changed passenger will definitely give us something which might ease our journey also, now we are going please give us permission to leave and soon we will meet with another guest on this new journey with new enthusiasm we’ll meet again with you.