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Sahaja Meditation Helps With Focus – Ana Bianca, Canada

My name is Anna Bianca and I’m from Burlington, Canada and I’m 16. I meditate at least once a day or whenever I can. What keeps me meditating is it’s really relaxing and it just helps me focus in on myself. What I enjoy about Sahaja Yoga meditation is collectivity and you make some really great friends and you’re really close to them. It makes me much more detached from everything, like, I don’t get caught up in the problems I have and I can just go meditating and relax myself like before I have exam or something important, project assignment. Meditating really like clears out your mind from whatever you had before or whatever like rubbish, whatever you don’t want and then it just creates space for new ideas to come in.

Mediation is the only way you can grow. Because when you meditate, you are in silence, you are in thoughtless awareness. Then the growth of awareness takes place.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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