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Pressure Point | Testimonial | C. V. Nirmala | Appetite Disorder, Disturbed / Evil Dreams

I’m Nirmala. I work for Women’s College in Chennai. I’m actually very much scared about the acupuncture treatment but one of my sisters introduced me to doctor Anand and I came here with the complaints of lack of appetite and low BP. I was allergic to curd, milk, milk products and all the citrus fruits. I used to vomit vigorously whenever I took any of these and I had splitting headache as well.

But once I started taking this treatment, doctor Anand asked me to have all these and I reluctantly had but nothing happened to me to my surprise. I enjoyed my morning tea, afternoon curd rice and lemon juice as well, but nothing happened. I also used to suffer from evil dreams in the night and I used to have disturbed sleep that would make me dull when I start in the morning for my morning meditation.

But after undergoing this treatment and also using the chip, energy chip that doctor Anand gave me, I sleep peacefully and my BP levels are also okay now. This is actually the 17 sessions of treatment and this is my case history. Now I’m feeling much better and almost relieved of all my illness. I thank doctor Anand for this brilliant and skillful treatment. I pray that Master blesses him a long a healthy life.

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