Postcard from Windsor 2010: Cheryl & Tim “I Really Enjoy Meditation”

Cheryl: Hello, my name is Cheryl and this is Tim.

Tim: My name is Tim.

Cheryl: Tim. This is Tim’s first time meditating here but he’s meditated many other places as well. I really enjoy his meditation here. I was here in the beginning then I was busy in college, so I had to part for a while. I’m back again. Anyways, I really enjoy the energies here and I’m a sentience, so I can actually sense and I do get goosebumps, god bumps, when there’s great energy around and I definitely feel it every time I come here. I really enjoy the people, the instructors. This meditation is very powerful, that is for sure and I would recommend it to anyone out there. I hope I can continue coming. I start college soon but I will be back on Tuesdays, so I think I will travel back from, it’s an hour drive and come here on Tuesdays.

Tim: I enjoyed the meditation, too, for the first time. It was pretty nice, pretty relaxing and it was nice.

Interviewer: Excellent. Thanks for sharing. Much appreciated.

Cheryl: Will you come again? I’ll pick you up.

Tim: Yeah, I’ll be coming, I’m going to come again.

Cheryl: Excellent. And we love the fact that there is no fees, which is very abnormal. With every other meditation we’ve been taking, there’s always something in return, so it’s different to see that giving is receiving, we will give with our hearts instead I guess.

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