Poem for Shri Mataji on her Birthday

Just a year back lost my pillars of strength

Whom I thought my friends were no with me

What I still did not lose is my inner hope

That Mother you are my hope


Mother! let me not run behind power

As power will diminish in some time

Mother! Let me not aim for fame

AS fame will fade away as it came

Mother! Let me not run behind wealth

As it will blindfold my faith


Mother bless me with the Eternal

As present is an aspect of Eternal

In the present will bury my past

In the present will not dwell in future

Being in present, Mother is your nature

When I realize this truth, lies my future


Mother on the day of your incarnation

No Gold or Diamond can give decoration

But it’s the pure desire in the hearts of yogis

To reach out and touch the hearts of masses


Bless us Mother to awaken their hearts

Of seekers who live in despair

Let the rays of light give them hope

To teach them how to cope


Bless us Mother, to realize that love is eternal

Love is truth and Love is God

Those who realize this truth

Will rise above their falsehood

Shall be blessed with sainthood

Let this new kingdom dawn

Where the saints walk upon


Give us this boon Oh Divine Mother

That more yogis shall be born

Thank you for being there, our divine Mother

Who live in every yogi’s heart!!


Yogi from Bahrain


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