1981-1983Chapter 22Experiences

Planes wait for Mother

Planes wait for Mother | Sahajayoga Reviews

After Mother’s visit to Paris in June 1983, we were all sitting listening to Her at the airport, prior to Her departure for Spain. I was floating in the awesomeness of the fact that Mother had asked me to travel with Her. I felt a bit shy and nervous from my ignorance of the protocol, so I can’t remember whether yogis looked anxiously at their watches or mentioned something to Mother, but I remember that She scolded us a little.

‘Planes wait for Me, don’t you know?’ She said. After which we instantly forgot all about time. Later Mother got up and the boarding proceeded as normal. As soon as we were comfortably seated and the plane’s door closed, there was the first cabin announcement, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, we apologise for the twenty minute delay due do a technical problem. We are now ready for take-off.’

In fact Mother even offered to pay for my ticket since She asked me on short notice.

‘Oh thank You very much Mother, no need at all. The ticket was very cheap,’ I replied.

‘Yes, the ticket was very cheap, wasn’t it?’ Mother then said with a divine twinkle in Her eyes.

Natalie Amram