1981-1983Chapter 25Experiences

Picking up on the right protocols

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Whilst staying at Brompton Square, I saw how subtly Shri Mataji taught us things. One day She told me to let the kitchen servant know that it would be best for her if she would respectfully touch Shri Mataji’s Feet each morning. I had been, just prior to that, in a quandary as to whether or not it was protocol to go to Mother’s Feet or not. Not wanting to behave inappropriately, especially in Her own home, I didn’t know what to do. So I had my answer. I was to tell the servant she was to touch Mother’s Feet each day and clearly that was a message for me as well.

I took the cue and the next morning greeted Mother in the traditional way by touching Her Feet; it was quite evident by the vibrations that it was the right thing to do. Later when it was appropriate for me to leave or not to touch Her Feet any more, it also became very obvious that it was no longer the thing to do —  a very  subtle way of picking up the right protocols.

    Vicki Halperin