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Persepolis | Sahajayoga Reviews

It concerned the 2500th anniversary of the Acheaminid Dynasty. I was talking to Shri Mataji and happened to mention to Her that I was there in May 1971, at the same time as Her brother Baba Mama took Her there as part of Her visit to Teheran, when he worked as accountant for Air India. She immediately remembered the event clearly, when She was talking to a group of archaeologists at the wooden workshop where the throne room had been located, walking around identifying the features.

There was this throne of Indra, who had incarnated as King Cyrus, one of the most revered figures of the ancient world. Later the scientists confirmed Shri Mataji’s indications as incredible but factual according to their research. Persepolis overlooks the plain on which at that time a collection of huge tents were assembled for the celebrant heads of state.

John Henshaw