1960-1980Chapter 6Experiences

Part and parcel of Her Divine Being

An honour to be there with Her | Sahajayoga Reviews

Once I went to Norwich, a small town in England. I liked silver at that time and admired a beautiful silver cup in a shop window. When I got back to London and was with Shri Mataji She turned to me in a matter of fact kind of way.

‘Nice silver cup, wasn’t it, Kuli?’ She said. I was a little embarrassed to seem so materialistic.

Another time, I used to go to a secluded part of a river near me. In the side of the river bank I had excavated an alcove for Mother’s photo, and made a kind of seat to represent Mother’s chair. I used to stand in the stream and take vibrations. Again, when I was with Shri Mataji and a few others, She turned to me.

‘One day we must visit that river. He’s made a chair for Me,’ She said.

Shri Mataji saw what we saw, felt what we felt and we basically were and are a part and parcel of Her Divine Being.

Toni Panayioutou