1960-1980Chapter 5Experiences

Our Sahasraras on Her Feet

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In the beginning, about 1974 to 1978, we used to go to the seashore, to Marve near Malad. There was an auspicious day called Akshatritiya. We used to go to a bungalow which had been hired by a Sahaja Yogi, and Shri Mataji would come and we would often have a puja, and in the evening we would go to the seashore. Once She worked on us all, about twenty of us, individually. This was on the wet sand and She said the wet sand was the best earth element to absorb what is negative.

Either there or in Bordi, we used to go in the sea, and Shri Mataji would sit in the sea, at the edge, and the water would come on Her a little bit. We used to take turns to put our Sahasraras on Her Feet, so our noses would be under the water. We would see who could stay in the water the longest! That way She used to work on us.

Before Ganapatipule we used to go to Bordi every year, and from 1978, we would have singing programmes and at about two or three o’clock we would accompany Her to Her bungalow, walking in the starlight. She stayed in a separate bungalow. We would go there even earlier, from 1973, and there were about twenty of us then.

One time Shri Mataji wanted to go to a place called Wassay, some distance from Mumbai, by train. My parents wanted to go there and they thought, ‘How could Shri Mataji travel in the Third Class? So they took a First Class ticket even though it was very expensive for us. They found Shri Mataji in the Third Class compartment with the others. From Bordi Shri Mataji used to also go with us on the train.

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