1960-1980Chapter 2Experiences

One would feel Her fragrance

After the first meetings at Jeevan Jyot I was allowed to go to the talks that Shri Mataji used to give near Dadar. There would be sixty to a hundred people. Everyone would come in and sit with their eyes closed and Shri Mataji would arrive. Sometimes She would give a talk and sometimes She would just give an introduction.

‘Close your eyes,’ She would say then, and She would walk around the whole hall and put Her hand on everyone, on the Sahasrara. As She came closer one would feel Her fragrance as She went past us and moved between people. Then we would feel Her hand come on our Sahasrara. After that She would call people up. Everyone would queue up and go to Her Feet. Further on into those programmes Shri Mataji would tell people to check other people’s vibrations. Some people would stand around in a semicircle, and as others came up to do namaskar to Her Feet, the ones standing would check and She would say things like, ‘This one is realised.’ We were too young for that, and just used to offer flowers and garlands to Shri Mataji.

She would tell people about the fingers and the chakras, maybe, at the formal talks, but I was too small at the time. We would check the vibrations with both hands towards the person, but Shri Mataji would be just in front of us and so the attention was through the Sahasrara. She would sometimes touch the person’s back, or tell the person to sit up, with their back to Her, and work on the chakras at the back, with Her Hands or Feet, mostly with Her Feet. If it was the lower back She would have Her Feet on them.

One of the experiences was that if someone had a problem, or if someone was ill, She would actually show us. The person would have their head on Shri Mataji’s Feet, and She showed us how the Kundalini was working somewhere on the back. You could see the skin pulsing, and that was the first time we saw a physical manifestation of what we had felt on our fingers. Shri Mataji explained that wherever there is a blockage the Kundalini goes and clears that.

Anonymous Indian Sahaja Yogini