1998 - 2011Chapter 14Experiences

One miracle after another

Helping Shri Mataji tidy Her saris | Sahajayoga Reviews

Cabella, 2009: last night when I was working in Shri Mataji’s kitchen, arranging the flowers on the trays with Christina (Sakshi). We heard that Shri Mataji was heading back to the castle and I had a strong desire to see Her. Right before She arrived, someone poured a bit of vibrated water on my head. It felt so nice, dripping down all sides.

I ran outside to see Shri Mataji – She was just about to go to Her room when She looked directly towards me. I felt that was Her way of answering my desire to see Her. It made me feel so happy and full of joy!

As I continued to do the dishes, I kept feeling this water flowing sensation coming down my head. I felt my hair to see if it was still the water from before, but it was not. It was vibrations pouring out like a fountain, an incredible feeling that continued the whole time I was in the kitchen. Then an aunty who was cleaning out Shri Mataji’s bag came up to me and stuffed napkins in my apron. I asked her what it was and she said Shri Mataji had just used them and I could have them. What an evening – one miracle after another!

Pragya Richards


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