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One last puff of cool breeze

Thursday19th January - diary entry | Sahajayoga Reviews

We were on the America tour with Shri Mataji, in September 1983. We were in a car with Shri Mataji going between San Diego and Los Angeles and this happened during the sailing race for the Americas Cup, which Australia had entered for the first time. There had been a front cover on Time, or some magazine with the headline, ‘The Australians are coming’. This was interesting, because for the first time four Australians were coming to America for Shri Mataji’s tour.

‘Why are four Australians significant?’ My husband asked. Shri Mataji said we were the ganas, Shri Ganesha’s helpers. Inside the magazine was a full page advertisement of an elephant, ears flying towards the camera – that was us.

Shri Mataji was in the front of the car, with Dr Worliker and others. My husband Ian, who loves sailing, wanted to listen to the race. He said he hoped the Australians won because the Americans were so egotistical about the race. Just as we turned the radio on, the announcer said, ‘Yachts are coming back to the dock now.’

‘We’ve lost,’ Ian said, deflated. Then the announcer on the radio said, ‘Just to repeat the news, Australia has won the Americas Cup.’ Ian and I were overjoyed and cried out, just as we were pulling into a Chinese restaurant for lunch.

‘What has happened?’ asked Shri Mataji. ‘You have such a glow about you.’

‘Australia has won the Americas Cup,’ we said, still glowing with national pride.

Apparently we got over the line on just one last puff of cool breeze.

We had a lovely meal in the restaurant with Shri Mataji and everyone had fortune cookies after the food. The prediction inside Shri Mataji’s was ‘You are the centre of everyone’s attention’. We all had a good laugh over that.

                                                                                                                            Frances Henke