1960-1980Chapter 10Experiences

Now I have told you

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Let me tell you about the programme of Ahmadabad. The family with whom we had to stay were Jains and there was only one Sahaja Yogi. This yogi had a very big bungalow. I waited at the house while the family went to the station to receive Mother, who arrived and saw me.

‘You have come again for Me!’ She exclaimed, and we shared the same room. ‘How can I sleep alone? You have to be with Me.’ Mother said. During the time She slept, the vibrations would descend on Her like a sky all around Her with stars like a small universe surrounding. In the morning, I told Mother what I had seen.

‘This is what has to be witnessed,’ Shri Mataji said. ‘It is your good fortune that you have witnessed all this. Without you, who would have taken care of Me?’

I would prepare tea and food for Mother, as the family we were living with had plenty of food restrictions.

‘The divine has sent you,’ Mother would say again and again.

‘Yes, Mother,’ I said, ‘You are divine and You have called me.’

We would talk for hours together; even have our tea and food together. Since I come from the family of Devi bhaktas, we did all that we could to worship the Devi, like the washing of feet, etc.

The first programmes were at Bordi and once, while returning we saw all the stars following Mother. When She was sleeping, all the stars covered Her and the whole room was filled with scintillating, sparkling stars. The next day, I told Mother about what I had seen the previous night.

‘That’s what I am, and in fact I am everything. Now I have told you,’ She said.