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Navaratri 2010

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I have not experienced a puja anything like the nine nights of Navaratri at Cabella in 2010. The nine nights are about worship of the Goddess – and that is exactly what it was. Every moment was only for this.

On the second evening, like the first night, representatives from each country were invited to go to Genoa and fortunately I was one. We sat in meditation in the vestibule of the villa, and then we were called to make our offerings. My heart opened and opened and then opened some more as I bowed before Shri Mataji. She is God. Here, on the second night of worship to the Goddess – and there was nothing but love, pure and simple. We all sang from our hearts Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu and then when all the offerings had been made we were ushered out.

Finally it was Sunday, the tenth day. We prepared for puja which was due to start at around 5.00 pm. When Mother arrived the curtains were closed and they remained closed for some time. At that point we didn’t know that Mother was deep in meditation and looking for all the world like She was asleep. Somehow to know that She was behind the closed curtain made the Ganesha Atharva Sheersha more deep, the attention was more focused. The children went up and then the Yuva Shakti.

By now the curtains had been opened. Even before they were opened they showed on the screen Mother’s right foot moving forward and then back. When the Yuva Shakti went up, Mother ‘awoke’.

After ten days of having attention only for worship of Shri Mataji, this puja was pure bhakti.

Philippa Newman

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