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Narvinder Testimonial

My name is Narvinder. I’m from West Midlands, I’m a mum and a housewife and really, I’m here just to tell you a little bit about how Sahaja yoga, I didn’t find it, it found me. I was quite skeptical from the beginning in terms of what Sahaj yoga could give me as a person but over the time, the connection with Mataji and finding that inner bliss that I was most probably looking for for many years, has come to me. I’ve been meditating now for about three to four months and in terms of the benefits that’s given me in health wise, it’s made me a more relaxed, calmer person, making me enjoy life more, have more positive approach as well. In terms of your mental health, I can’t emphasize how much benefit that can give somebody from more different ages and backgrounds, regardless of your faith or whatever.

It’s such a simple technique to pick up, and in terms of the calmness and bliss it gives you, it’s fabulous and on another level altogether. So, I certainly recommend it. Try it, try it a couple of times. Like I said, I’ve tried it for a few weeks, I thought, “not sure” but overtime, I wouldn’t never turn back.

-Okay, was there something in particular that made you change your view of it? You said that at first you weren’t sure.

Narvinder: Yeah, I think first of all, I was skeptical in terms of the process and how it would benefit me in the sense of a person but when I understood the technique and what it’s all about and read up a little bit more, so you’ve got to self-help yourself a little bit, it started to come to me in terms of making some peace within yourself and the bliss and the enjoyment you get connected to, you want more and more because you are missing it from your life. Especially in the hectic and busy lives that we, now especially in the Western world, carry out and you do get caught up in this roller coaster almost, so it’s nice to just stop and actually pause and enjoy what’s around you.

-Okay, thank you very much.

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