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Nargol, a holy pilgrimage place for all Sahaja Yogis

Nargol, a holy pilgrimage place for all Sahaja Yogis | Sahajayoga Reviews

Nargol is a small village on the beach about sixteen kilometres from Sanjan in South Gujarat, just inside Gujarat State, and close to the border with Maharashtra. The creek between Sanjan and Umergaon was an active port many years back and was where the Parsis landed over a thousand years ago, and settled in Nargol, Sanjan and other places nearby. The Parsis originally came from Iran, and are followers of Shri Zoraster, an avatar of Shri Adi Guru Dattratreya.

It was on the morning of the 4th May, 1970 that Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi decided to open Her and the universal Sahasrara. She sat in meditation from twelve noon of that day under a saru tree on Nargol Beach and on the 5th May, 1970 at 4.40 am, the ‘Brahma Muharat’, the dawn and the auspicious divine moment, when She opened the whole universal Sahasrara. Shri Mataji has described this in Her lectures, about how the param chaitanya Kundalini entered Her body and the Kundalini, the Sahasrara shakti, was raised.  Shri Mataji had gone to Nargol on 3rd May, 1970 and stayed in a bungalow named Blue Heaven, which belonged to Shri Talyarkhan, the Collector of the Bulsar District at that time.

It is said by old local residents of Nargol that when Shri Mataji was meditating, on that night in 1970, four dogs came and sat at a little distance from the saru tree at the four corners and stayed there until the following morning.

Suresh Thacker