May God bless you

In 1969, I again met Shri Mataji at Worli, Mumbai, near Century Bazaar.  We were then staying in Worli, and my wife told me that she had met a beautiful lady with a gleaming, shining face at the market.

‘I said namaskar to Her and asked Her if it was the first time She had come to this area,’ my wife said. ‘To this the beautiful lady replied that it was, and She had come to stay with Her married daughter for a few days. I told HHYer to buy vegetables from that Madrasi hawker, because he sells fresh ones at reasonable rates. She thanked me for guidance and said “May God bless you!”.’

My wife asked me if I would like to meet this lady. The next day being Saturday, I accompanied my wife to the market, as usual. She took me to Shri Mataji when She was buying vegetables from the Madrasi hawker.

‘She is Mrs Srivastava!’ I told my wife. I said namaskar to Shri Mataji and She reciprocated the same. Shri Mataji narrated to me how kindly my wife had directed Her to this hawker for fresh vegetables.

‘You have a good dutiful wife,’ She said. ‘May God bless you both.’  This blessing probably enabled me to survive my first heart attack three months later.

When I look back on both these occasions, I feel how compassionate and loving Shri Mataji and Shri Saheb were for all who came in contact with them, and how they both loved truthfulness, sincerity, good human values in others.

Suresh Thacker