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Malcolm Murdoch & Mio Radosavljevic


Malcolm: How I came I came into Sahaja yoga really in a sense that, well, I was at university, you thought there’s more to life than meets the eye. My first venture into finding out about that was I went along to TM and that sort of introduced me to something but of course you suddenly realize that there was no answers there. They talked about realization being something that was at the end of a long path that you may eventually get to and I came across an old Timeout magazine where they said that Shri Mataji gave realization so I thought well this is something I’ve got to go to because I don’t have to wait. But there was no telephone number or anything like that so I had to wait until I went to the Mind, Body and Spirit festival. I went around this thing, I went past all the pyramid power and all those weird and wonderful things and came out with a big, big headache type of thing. I was lucky I picked up a leaflet outside and that was Shri Mataji’s program. I went from there to this program and Shri Mataji was giving a program in which Mio was there and I’ve got my realization there. That sort of answered all my questions really.

-Mio, what was the program like?

Mio: I can’t remember. I remember taking him out and showing him how to do certain technique, I remember that but as long time ago so my memory probably, I came in like the ’78 in March and a friend of mine, Charlie, who was also a seeker and have been to India, been everywhere, he said, I went to Caxton Hall, he said, and his lady, he showed me the photograph, small black and white photograph, has got these vibrations and she said we’re invited on Sunday to go to Finchley to meet her. I said, yeah, I’m coming. I haven’t been to lots of gurus and such but I read lots of books about India, about meditation and I was into vegetarianism, Hatha yoga and all sorts. So, we arrived there, we walked into the room and it was maybe a bit smaller than this and there was about 15 people in there and they all had a red mark on their foreheads. It was puja. We didn’t know what it was but it didn’t upset, I took it quite lightly actually, I saw something new. Shri Mataji, I’ve seen her before somewhere, she was very familiar to me. I sat in front of her and they’re working on me, I said it was cool but I didn’t feel anything really. But when I went home, I was living just on the edge of Regents Park and I had a shower and, I was alone in the flat although sharing with some people but they went away and stay away, I couldn’t think at all. I tried to think I couldn’t. I used to do hatha yoga so I had to lie down, so I lie down on the floor and I was aware of energy coming to my Void, but then it went to the heart and then everywhere, it went like a crown on my head. I was really in a bliss so I realized that this is something because I met this lady today, I realized she’s something really special. That’s how I came to Sahaja yoga.

–So it wasn’t a cave then?