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Luis Garrido Recalls Times with Shri Mataji

.. when I admitted, yes, I can feel the vibrations, then Mother said, in that case you can come with me to the airport. We’ll take you in my car, you can come in my car. So, great, I’ll come to the airport with Mother. As mother entered the car everybody got in the car and then I was just getting inside the car and the dog gets inside and takes my place, sits next to Mother, big dog, a Dane. That’s where I was supposed to sit and Shri Mataji picks the dog by the collar and starts pushing the dog out of the car. The dog went snarling really at Mother’s hand. And Mother pushed the dog again and then she told me, well Luis, you see I tried, I did my best. The thing is that she also recognized me this dog. There’s nothing I can do, why don’t you take the bus. I went to the bus, arrived at the bus, I didn’t have any money. My motorbike ran out of petrol miles away. I really felt stupid here waiting for the bus to go to the airport. But that’s what Mother told me to do. Suddenly, comes another Sahaja yogi. I knew them, oh my God, this is the solution. Have you got a bit of spare change, I need to go to the airport? He looked in the pockets, good gracious, I don’t even have enough to go on the bus myself. Okay, well, what shall we do? Well, Mother told you to go by bus, you go by bus. Okay, fine. I wait a bit longer. Soon, Sahaj yogi comes. Have you got a bit of spare money? They check their pockets, good gracious, I don’t have enough money for myself also. Three Sahaja yogis now, all waiting for the bus to go to the airport without money. I thought, this is mad, we need to do something about it and they told me, oh no, in Sahaj this is not how it works, you don’t worry about things, you just give it a bandhan. Really? And this how you go on the bus without money? Yes, just give it a bandhan. We gave it a bandhan. Suddenly, one of the yogis goes berserk, he sees a taxi passing slow, I know that guy. He stops the taxi, that guy is a good friend of my brother, he said, okay, let’s get in, we are lucky. What a miracle. We go on the taxi, they start talking, oh my God, that was not a friend of his brother looks like. Impossible, taxi drives usually have a part under the seat. If we don’t pay the fare, we’ve had it. So, I said, we are going to die, one of us is going to die today. And they said, oh no, in Sahaj, this is not how we do things. We just give it a bandhan. I said, really? So we gave lots of bandhans. We had waited about 40 minutes on the bus stop. First me, then another yogi, then another yogi, then the taxi, we must have started about 40 minutes after Mother. We are going for our death, one of us is going to die, this is the day. We arrive at the airport, now what are we going to say? I said, shall we all run away, each one in his direction, one of us might escape. They said, no, no, no, just give it a bandhan, you have to have faith. We gave it another bandhan, the taxi stops, we look to the car next door, it was the car of Shri Mataji, inside the car there was a very rich doctor, he paid for the taxi but that was really a close brush with death. There are many incidents, at the airport Shri Mataji worked on a man who was going bald and she’d have some of the Amla hair oil on the head of that man. I felt jealous, I was getting bald also, I wish Mother had given me a bit of that oil in my head but I couldn’t say it, Mother was about to leave. So, Mother went and then later on comes back, oh, look, Mother gave me this bottle of Amla oil for you. Mother made it easy for us to see that even small thoughts, she knew everything. Inspired by Shri Mataji’s saying about my girlfriend, if you really love her, marry her, I felt that I didn’t love her, that’s the problem but still I tried, I went to her home, met her parents.


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