1990 - 1992Chapter 16Experiences

Look at the moon!

An offering for the ganas | Sahajayoga Reviews

It was the Shri Shivaratri Puja at Glen Rock, near Newcastle, on the 1st March 1992. After the puja while we were sitting on a balcony, eating the meal, some of the men who had doing puja said they had problems with tying up Shri Mataji’s hair on top of Her head. In the end She said She would do it. They were surprised by how easily Shri Mataji did it, with one hand. Then the men went to put the comb which had a crescent moon attached to it into Shri Mataji’s hair, and the mirror that was cut in the shape of a thin crescent moon fell off. The men didn’t know what to do, so they put it on Shri Mataji as it was, the cardboard was a dark red colour with lighter colour were the glue had held the mirror on. The crescent moon shape was at a lower angle than it was meant to be.

‘Look at the moon!’ one of the men said, when they had just finished telling us. The moon had just appeared low in the sky from behind heavy cloud, above the bay. It was a thin crescent moon, dark red and on the same angle as it had been sitting on Shri Mataji’s head. The men were relieved, and understood it was meant to happen that way.

Later a Sahaja Yogi who was helping Shri Mataji told us that She said that She was very pleased with the puja, the vibrations had been very strong and that Shri Shiva was present on earth for the first time at this puja.

Clare Nesdale