1987 - 1989Chapter 4Experiences

Look at my watch

It was done by silence | Sahajayoga Reviews

One time in Los Angeles, a large group of people assembled to see Shri Mataji off as She departed the city. We were waiting near the departure gate. The person next to me pointed to her watch.

‘Oh look, it’s five minutes until the flight and Shri Mataji’s not here,’ She said.

‘That’s interesting. The flight is expected to leave on time,’ I added.

Within a minute or so, we saw Shri Mataji coming. She was walking down the hallway, greeting the crowd of yogis, which had grown. As Shri Mataji walked, She stopped and spoke to individuals, one at a time and spoke for some time to each person, never rushed. I didn’t count the people, but it had to be at least thirty. She also accepted the flowers from many people, graciously and slowly. Then She got on the flight and it took off. The person who showed me the time before Shri Mataji arrived pulled me to the side.

‘Heidi, come here. Look at my watch,’ she said. It was five minutes later.

‘Oh my!’ we said together. We smiled, because there was no way all that could happen in five minutes.

Heidi Zogorski