1960-1980Chapter 7Experiences

Like learning to ride a bike

Like learning to ride a bike | Sahajayoga Reviews

When Shri Mataji came back to England in 1976, after we had first met Her in 1975, we didn’t have public programmes. We just had meetings at a private house. At one stage She called me and said that She had to go to an Indian ladies’ meeting somewhere in West London and She wanted me to come and talk about Sahaja Yoga. We’d never done anything like that before and I was twenty-one. Shri Mataji took me on the tube (London Underground train) and all the way there She told me what to say and what was going to happen.

‘It’ll be all right,’ She assured me.

I just couldn’t believe this and we walked from the tube. Imagine — going on the tube with Shri Mataji! We got to the meeting place and the Indian ladies were very respectful of Mother, which was something new for me to see, how they regarded Her. They understood about touching Her Feet, whereas we had just been told, ‘Put your hands under Her Feet to get the vibrations.’ So it was again a new experience to see that.

Shri Mataji asked me to sit in front and She sat a little way from me and told me what to say, then someone translated. It was like learning to ride a bike, She sort of gave me a final push and I was off and She didn’t have to prompt me anymore because suddenly here were people who actually wanted to know about Shri Mataji. It didn’t matter that they didn’t understand me and they had to wait to have it translated. It was this incredible surge of feeling that I could tell people about Mother and it was my first experience of talking to people. The way Shri Mataji literally hand-led me along that path was incredible – I didn’t want to stop.

‘Well, thank you very much. Come and have some tea,’ they said eventually.

We went back home by tube.

Maureen Rossi