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Like an Impressionist painting

Like an Impressionist painting | Sahajayoga Reviews

One time I was photographing Shri Mataji as She sat in a bullock cart during a procession where lots of Sahaja Yogis danced before Her, at Vaitarna. The flash did not go off and I felt concerned as Mother was looking at me. Suddenly She waved at me to come over to Her. She told me to come and sit next to Her on the bullock cart and photograph the procession from Her viewpoint. After a while of doing this She told me to go forward and climb a tree and photograph Her from the branches of a tree.

After the tour when the film was processed I discovered the picture taken at that moment was a miracle photograph. Later on a copy of the photo was given to Shri Mataji and She said it was like an Impressionist painting.

      Colin Heinsen