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KUNDALINI YOGA Teacher Training Testimonials 2016

Raise your Kundalini

Michelle K.: I’m walking away with a tremendous feeling of self-confidence, something that, when I started this training, that kind of got away from me a bit.

Denise A.: It is self-love. I was able to go within myself and be able to find all the things that I needed to change about myself so that I was able to go out and help other people.

Lori-Ann P.: I didn’t really know who I was. This program has taught me to go with inside and dig deep, really deep and pull out stuff that I had buried deep within my core.

David S.: I feel more uplifted and I see the world differently from going through the training because of what we experienced, what we’ve learned and just the nature of the teachings.

Caitlyn H.: And I notice now that a lot of things that used to really set me back or trouble me or be challenging are a lot easier and I feel stronger internally and externally.

Santina E.: I was able to get in touch with myself and understanding who, more, not completely, but who I am and what am I here for.

Tammy G.: You know, it just, it has this way of sort of rearranging you from the inside out but what I’ve noticed consistently through this process is it brought a sense of sweetness to each of my days and I didn’t know the sweetness was missing.

Ashley H.: For myself, I am walking away with a deeper sense of who I am and what I’m capable of.

Cristin B.: The best thing about the program is it’s not even about becoming a teacher really. I mean, if you want to, that will happen and that can happen but it’s really just about self-transformation.

Olga M.: This is for everybody. It’s for every type of person and it’s for people and really finding out that you can actually take advantage of it no matter where you’re at.

Isa D.: It’s your personal journey in life it’s who you are, do you believe in yourself, do you respect yourself, do you love yourself and then you can project that out to other people in the world.

Claudia W.: I feel so light, I feel so peaceful, it’s like there could be like a bunch of chaos going on in the world but I have the peace within me and it’s just I love sharing this with others and I will definitely recommend this to anybody.

Corina B.: It helps you find out who you are, it helps you be in tune with yourself and it helps you also to find out what the purpose, what your purpose on this earth is.

Teri V.: You will get more out of yourself to be able to give to others.

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