EnglishVideos of Seekers

Kay O’Connell

I got my realization in Brighton and think at the time I was seeking and someone that I knew, we were all a bunch of old hippies really and there’s someone I knew there and he lives sort of a few doors away and he suddenly disappeared. I was quite worried about him actually because he’d started taking quite a lot of drugs and quite heavy drugs. I didn’t see him for six months and then one day I bumped into him on the seafront and he looked completely different. He was just sort of transformed, so different. So, what’s happened to you? He said, well, I’ve started doing this meditation, he said, I’ll come round tonight and tell you about it. He came round that evening and that was it really, came in and said, alright, sit down I’m going to work on you. I was like, what? That was it really. Then that night I had a dream and he brought a photo of Mother with him and that night I had a dream that she was up on a hill somewhere in India I think it was in a tea plantation somewhere and she was talking to lots and lots of people that were there and I woke up the next morning and I just sort of knew that that was it.


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