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Just checking

Just checking | Sahajayoga Reviews

During Shri Mataji’s visit to Madrid in June 1983 She often said that the Spanish had a ‘very, very big heart’, more like Indians, and that She hoped that as they were also a developing country, they would not make the same mistake of following the Western ways. She mentioned that there seemed to be only synthetic products in the shop windows.

As often, during Shri Mataji’s tours, there was a shopping trip where She knew the best things for presents, among them a type of warm velvety blanket. She said they would be good for some family members (or maybe Yogis) living in India, and that it was all right if they were synthetic as they were not directly on the skin, and practical for India’s cold nights. Mother lovingly advised the humble and gentle Spanish Yogis on how to organize the packing for the departure flight. I seem to remember that the Goddess even helped with the choice of boxes. I was responsible for the blankets, so tried to think of everything, packing them safely, with care and big labels on all sides.

‘Where are the blankets?’ Shri Mataji asked me, when we were at the airport.

She was looking even after the smallest detail. I had completely forgotten! How could I? I looked desperately at the clock, but it was impossible to go back in the time left. I looked down for a few seconds and, just as I glimpsed up pleadingly feeling that I would not be able to hold the tears any longer, She said with a gracious movement of Her head: ‘Don’t worry, I think of everything!’

I knew then that the boxes were snuggly amongst the other things on the trolley that was arriving, pushed by brothers.

Natalie Amram