1960-1980Chapter 3Experiences

Jump in the ocean

Jump in the ocean | Sahajayoga Reviews

One day, early in 1972, when I entered Her flat in Napean Sea Rd, Bombay, I saw two lights appear at Shri Mataji’s Hamsa. All my delusions and illusions were absorbed into those lights, until all that remained was just myself, naked in my own being, seeing Her Holiness as if for the first time. It was an experience of unbounded, indescribable joy. Thereafter She placed Her hand on my head.

‘What are you feeling?’ She asked.

‘The ocean,’ I answered.

‘Jump in,’ She then said. She kept Her hand on my Sahasrara for about two minutes. The result was the skin of my whole body, which had dark patches in various parts, like all the joints, eyes etc, due to drug taking, became transformed into one even colour. Gone were all the dark patches.

The resulting blissful state lasted for nearly two weeks.

Anonymous South African Sahaja Yogi