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Joanne Testimonial

It was Ganesha puja, can’t remember what year it was actually, I know my children were very small and somebody looked after the children so it was just me, it was really relaxing and lovely. And I was in Cabella with Melody who originally came from Edinburgh. We were just sitting, having a nice foot soak and enjoying the vibrations and all of a sudden, Melody just suddenly, her hand just plunged into the river, I thought, “what is she doing, what is she doing?”and she pulled out this stone that sheÍ›d seen in the river and she said, “lool, look, it’s Ganesha” and there was a very clear, distinct image of Shri Ganesha on the stone, it was as if somebody sat and sort of sculpted it. It was sort of half done and they put it in the river. It was just absolutely amazing. And so, we went back over to the sort of camp and then went to the puja, Melody was out to go show Shri Mataji the stone and Shri Mataji was, you know, there’s the trunk and that was really lovely moment.

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