1960-1980Chapter 11Experiences

It was just like being an apprentice

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After the Caxton Hall meetings, Shri Mataji would have us back to Her flat in Ashley Gardens. It was almost like a debrief.

‘Phwah! What a night!’ We would say. If any new person was astute enough, they would come with us.

‘Where are you all going?’ they would say.

‘We’re going back to Shri Mataji’s place.’

You would know it would be right because they would have the awareness to come. Mother wouldn’t let them in otherwise.

‘What on earth have you been doing?’ Mother said to me, after one particular programme.

‘Oh, just working on these people.’

‘You don’t get involved in it!’

She had to work on me and it was a real lesson. It didn’t matter what state the people were in, you didn’t take it personally.

We were supposedly helping Shri Mataji, but She would have to sort us out afterwards. It was just like being an apprentice, you were allowed to have a little go and then She would have to put it all right and rebuild the whole apparatus afterwards.

Maureen Rossi