1981-1983Chapter 24Experiences

Ironing Mother’s sari

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In San Diego, California, in 1983, Shri Mataji had just finished Her breakfast in the hotel room and went over to Her suitcase to remove a sari that She would change into before travelling north from San Diego to Los Angeles where She was scheduled to give a public programme later that evening.

She took a sari that we are all familiar with out of Her suitcase, a white sari with a red border. This is the sari worn by our beloved guru when She greets Her new children and disciples. I noticed it was quite wrinkled. I offered to iron it and Shri Mataji replied that She thought it, the sari, was ok. I told Mother that I would be happy to iron Her sari. Again She sweetly declined my offer. Mother said I did not have to trouble myself but I assured Her it was no bother. I had never ironed a sari but did not think it could be so difficult. I felt bad, thinking it would be inexcusable not to do this small task for Mother, to let Her put on a badly wrinkled sari. So, once again I insisted that I would be happy to iron Her sari. Mother graciously acquiesced.

I took out the iron and ironing board and Shri Mataji sat down on Her bed to wait, and I noticed the sari was also soiled. Placing the sari on the other bed, I began to iron one end of it and it slipped off the ironing board. I picked it up, feeling bad for having let it slip off the board and fall onto the carpet and again began to iron. Again it slipped off! I felt clumsy but knew that once it was underway, I would be able to iron it just fine. Moments later, it slipped off the board yet again. I was surprised. How could it continue to fall off the board?

At that moment it dawned on me how foolish I was being. I picked up the sari and looked up at Shri Mataji, who was smiling at me. I was humbled by my folly and bowed to Her. She walked over and took the sari out of my hands, saying the sari would be all right. I put away the iron and board and sat down to wait while Shri Mataji went to change.

Minutes later She stepped into the room looking radiant in Her beautiful and perfect sari. There was not a single wrinkle or spot on it! It looked brand new. I sat in awe of the Divine Mother for whom a few wrinkles and dirt are effortlessly dispelled. Again that glorious smile bathed me in its love.

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