1960-1980Chapter 7Experiences

I was seeing Shri Mataji as a child would

Shri Mataji was telling bedtime stories | Sahajayoga Reviews

I saw Shri Mataji as a child would. Every time I saw Her, I would run up and hug Her. She was like a big friend; it was very different. She was very accessible to people in those days and yet it didn’t quite have the intensity that people have had in encounters with Mother later on.

I remember my aunt, Maureen Rossi, saying that Shri Mataji was very direct and sociable, especially with the ladies, in a way that She wasn’t with the men. But generally, in talks and at other times too, you would notice that at a certain moment some aspect of Her would come out, something very serious and quite didactic and sometimes a great jocularity. She did have that, but it was much more toned down in those days.

Kevin Anslow