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I promise

I promise | Sahajayoga Reviews

When I was young I did not smoke many cigarettes, but when with friends, I used to occasionally. In 1980 we were in Dhulia, a town in Maharashtra.

‘I need somebody to put his or her hand near My Vishuddhi Chakra, (at the level of the throat) to take vibrations. Somebody who has never smoked in his life,’ said Shri Mataji.

‘Avdhut,’ said the people.

‘No, Mother, I have smoked,’ I said.

‘He smoked cigarettes, but he has admitted it in front of everybody,’ She said.

I spent the whole of the next day with a Sahaja Yogi, certainly did not touch a cigarette, and in the evening we went to a Sahaja public programme. We were standing outside the hall guarding it and suddenly I smelled cigarette very strongly even though there was absolutely nobody around.

‘From where is it coming?’ I said, then realised it was coming from my right Vishuddhi finger (the index finger). ‘My God!’ I said and showed my friend. ‘You are the proof. I did not even touch a cigarette today.’

‘It’s true,’ he replied.

We were staying in the same house as Shri Mataji. As soon as we reached there I washed my fingers with a lot of soap but the smell was still there and would not go away. She was in Her room and I knocked on the door.

‘Shri Mataji, there’s a problem. There’s a smell of nicotine on my finger,’ I said.

‘Yes, because this morning you told Me you smoked a cigarette, I’m trying to clean you, but you should promise you will never smoke again.’

‘I promise.’ She took my fingers in Her hand for some time and the smell went away. I never smoked again.

Avdhut Pai


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