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I had no idea what I had but knew I had it

I had no idea what I had but knew I had it | Sahajayoga Reviews

It was the 16th September 1975 that we first met Shri Mataji in that Judd Street flat and, similar to my brother, Pat Anslow, it was a most momentous feeling.

‘This lady is a yoga teacher, but She doesn’t teach Hatha Yoga,’ I had been told and I remember thinking that if I was not with people who felt all right about all this, I would have run away. That is how strongly I could feel the force I was walking towards.

We went into the flat and were asked to take off our shoes, which was strange for me, and told to sit down. I saw Shri Mataji working on an Indian gentleman and sorting him out and I thought, ‘She is a Goddess.’ That was my first thought and then I thought, ‘What on earth do I mean by that? I don’t even know what a Goddess is.’ Then She went on seeing to everybody and when my turn came, She told me to put my hands out and asked me what I felt. My attention was drawn to my hands.

‘Oh, I feel something,’ I said.

‘May God bless you. You’ve got it,’ Shri Mataji said.

‘I’ve got it,’ I thought. I had no idea what I had, but I knew I had it. She then went on to everybody else. It was just great!

Maureen Rossi