I believe in the Goddess and Jesus

I was brought up a Christian and after all these years and then finding Sahaja Yoga, one of the great mistakes the followers of Lord Jesus Christ made was that they did not believe in the Goddess. They only believe in God, whereas Mother Mary was an incarnation of the Holy Mother the Goddess.
We never ask ourselves the question that ” if man and woman have been created as the image and reflection of God, How can God and Divinity be only Masculine?”
The ignorant will say ” the woman was taken out of the man’s rib”.
Well if we had to take word by word from the scriptures, we know we ourselves will find many things that are difficult to understand and are open to interpretation, but if a son was born to a mother then there obviously must be a special significance of the mother. Just as we say the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit….we lose sight of the fact that the Holy Spirit is the Motherly aspect of the Divine. After Sahaja Yoga these doubts of mine and several others have been resolved and in conclusion, although
Man is the reflection of the Masculine part of God the Woman is the reflecion of the Feminine part of God. So you see, the women are the reflection of the Goddess, they are part of Her, created in Her image and resemblance so cannot and should not be treated just merely as an object but with reverence. This is a topic that has to be felt and accepted from the heart and in the realm of the Divine, which can happen only through Sahaja Yoga. Our Ego never tries to accept the truth, it just stays in ignorance.
The Goddess is the Mother of the universe, She is our spiritual Mother.
When we lack motherhood, love and attention She is our counselor and comforter who is always there to guide us.
She said to the woman ” you will have to raise children for me physically into love and tenderness and in a way that they come to Me so that I raise them spiritually and that they know the Love of their Heavenly Father…”’
But women got lost with men into into feelings of deception and jealousies all such feelings that disturb the inner joy and peace in a woman and make her lose the true valencies of a good mother. So from now on women should only become attached to God and that attachment to God will reflect in her in a royal way through her behavior so she can have the dignity of a true woman and a queen wearing the royal crown. That’s when men will also learn to look at women more respectfully and they will be see through Divine eyes and not merely as objects or people meant to serve them.
This way She would stand up again and with love she can raise children with tenderness serve her family and help the society grow into a beautiful place for everyone.That itself is not lesser than any other job ! So when you are a housewife whether your husband is nice to you or not, make sure you are looking after your family and children but first you need imbibe those Divine qualities through Sahaja Yoga. Remember that ” In a peaceful family there is always a peaceful woman”.

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