1981-1983Chapter 25Experiences

I am your Mother

Shri Mataji brought together people from all over the globe | Sahajayoga Reviews

Shri Mataji’s endless love, compassion and generosity – She was always giving and sharing everything from Her food to Her saris and even one day, in 1983, I was about to leave Brompton Square to return to my part time job at Harrods. I had taken Shri Mataji Her lunch and was about to leave when She suddenly appeared, as She did on many occasions.

‘Thelma, have you had your lunch?’ She asked me.

‘I will get a sandwich,’ I replied.

‘No such thing, sit down,’ She said, then She started to prepare me food, I was so shocked.

‘Mother, I am supposed to be taking care of You. I will get into trouble from…’ I said.

‘I am your Mother!’ She said.

This is poignant because as an elder sibling I had always prepared food, bathed and looked after my younger siblings in the home and in fact could not remember my own mother preparing food for me or even asking me if I had eaten. It dawned on me that of course Shri Mataji knew that and wanted to give me the experience of a real Mother’s love. She cooked the most delicious biryani I have ever tasted. As I sat there, watching Her stirring and adding spices and telling me about Her daughters and grandchildren and their food preferences, friendships etc, laughing and enjoying, She also told me that cooking and feeding people was a great way to spread vibrations. So having Lakshmi Tattwa I just knew that one day I would have to share these amazing vibrations with others, as I soaked up Her presence and amazed that the Mother of Christ was actually serving me food.

‘You don’t have to eat those,’ She said, as I ate (even the chillies) – too late!

I knew She was clearing me and I was and always will be in awe and thankful that She would even give me Her divine attention. So with that in mind I cater and bake for the Chinese here in Shanghai as often as I can.

Thelma Fishley Patmore