1960-1980Chapter 2Experiences

I am about to start this work

I am about to start this work | Sahajayoga Reviews

Shri Mataji used to stay at Jeevan Jyot, Mumbai, in 1970 and was known as Mrs Nirmala Srivastava. I asked some girls where Mrs Srivastava stayed and went up.

‘Are you looking for Me?’ Shri Mataji said as She opened the door. She held me by the hand and took me inside very politely and asked me to sit down.

‘Where are you coming from?’ She asked me.

‘I am from Dhulia and I have heard Your name and came looking for You.’

‘Who have you been worshipping, that your vibrations are so nice?’ Shri Mataji asked.

‘Ambaji,’ I said.

‘So today Ambaji has come to you. Here I am in front of you.’

‘I am about to start this work and right now I am waiting for My daughter, Kalpana, to have her baby. Once I am through with that, I will call you. Please leave your name and address before you go and within a month I shall call you.’